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playlist and huge music collections

Posted by big_gun 
playlist and huge music collections
July 31, 2002 03:48AM

With over 3000 mp3 files it's getting hard to find stuff I want to listen. "Hard" mostly means too many button clicks to get there, and inability to have a "10000 feet view" of what's in the collection.


Idealy, I'd like to have a hierarchy:

This can be implemented with multi-level tree control in a playlist (instead of just a list control) that can automagically bunch things together based on equal titles.

If there's nothing like that in the making and nobody's interested, I'll probably have to find time to implement this myself.

Or I'm trying to invent a bicycle here?
Re: playlist and huge music collections
July 31, 2002 05:01PM
You know, I've got feelings somewhat alongside yours. I have ripped all my CDs to mp3 with Exact Audio Copy, and have a somewhat sizable collection (~10 gigs).

I would love a nice easy, where easy = low click count, fast collection navigator. Something trim, easy fast and good. Exactly *like* coolplayer. I also agree with the sentiment that coolplayer should stay very lean and mean, avoiding feature creep and bloat.

So, I wouldn't mind another program, something that will work *with* coolplayer. I'm really no programmer, but all the music collection managers I've found were designed to mate with Winamp. I couldn't get them to properly pass song selections to coolplayer. I figured out how to pass *one* song in lots of them, but I couldn't figure out how to pass multiple selected songs to enqueue in coolplayer.

To that end, has anybody got some tips on how to pass multiple selected songs from a third-party music collection manager to enqueue in coolplayer? What music manager would you all reccomend? Again, I want something fast, and easy, where easy is a low click count to getting to the goal.
Re: playlist and huge music collections
September 04, 2002 02:29PM
Thanks! That was really useful!

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