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Modular codec support?

Posted by BigRob 
Modular codec support?
July 12, 2002 09:35AM
First - I'm a new convert and LOVING IT! This is an AWESOME player, and the dev team has my deepest gratitude and respect - keep up the good work!

So, after reading almost every post there is, I understand how everyone is very concerned about feature bloat.

However, with AAC coming up to replace MP3 as the new standard, I can't see how AAC support can be ignored.

Considering there are many who definitely want to keep CoolPlayer to the bare minimum - is it possible to make an add-on module that we can install to add support for AAC and any other codec?

I'm not sure whether this is already in development, but CD-audio & CDDB support would also be great - then I can completely leave WinAmp behind.

Thanks again!!!
~ Rob
Re: Modular codec support?
September 24, 2002 04:44AM
i completely agree... coolplayer is too cool to be limited to mp3... i would love it if CDDB, and AAC support is added.

it would be really nice if equalizer presets would be added (or dynamically changed) according to the file i'm listening to..

please add that request.

thank you
Re: Modular codec support?
September 29, 2002 03:16AM
Looks like the architecture for codecs is already pretty flexible! I've been playing around with the code today and after a couple of hours, have CoolPlayer playing my Money's Audio files...

The big thing here is being able to find a freely available AAC library that has a reasonable decoding API!

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