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Old Features: Bring 'Em Back!

Posted by mannowhere 
Been using CP for years (I remember the original "pee" skin!) and it is still the best damned player out there. While I like some of the changes made since going open source, some features have been removed and I miss them. And, since I'm at it, I may as well mention a couple that never existed. My list, old features desired (three) first:

1. Play next song selected in playlist (a.k.a. "click-queue"). We used to be able to click on a song in the playlist and CP would play that song next. I miss that feature in a big way.

2. Playlist numbering. The items in the play list used to be numbered (seems silly to show the track number in the CP display, but not the PL).

3. Filename paths (yes, I know this is in the next Beta - just thought I'd toss my vote onto the pile to add weight to it).

4. Add a "Repeat 1" mode wherein the current track would be repeated. Or you could do as another favorite player (MODPlugPlayer - MODs, not MP3) does and let the repeat button choose the number of repeats before proceeding to the next song (it cycles through "1-2-3-infinite" options) - repeat of the entire playlist is assumed.

5. Add "NextSkin=" support to main coolplayer.ini file. This would allow the default interface to be one in a chain of skins that could be cycled through with Shift-F11.

6. Re-arrange playlist columns AND have the order and sizes saved.

7. Don't re-draw the playlist window everytime the main window's skin changes - only if a playlist skin has changed. The flickering is very annoying and distracting (in part because it's not a fast re-draw either).

Thanks for taking the time to read these and for doing such fantastic work for free! I look forward to your responses regarding these requests.
Re: Old Features: Bring 'Em Back!
July 28, 2002 08:12PM
I agree with mannowhere on most of these issues, but especially on no. 1, 2 and 4.

1. This is/was one of the "features" that set CoolPlayer apart from other similar programs. I love this feature and used it a lot. I hope to see it back. At least as a checkbox in the options menu to please those who liked it as well as those who hated it.

2. Well... this one is not very important but it was useful sometimes.

4. I use and love ModPlug and the repeat mode implemented in it is one of the best..... I would like to see it in CoolPlayer.

I would also like to add a couple of suggestions of my own:

-- A shuffle mode similar to the one in Winamp.... I don't want my whole playlist reorganized in order to use it. For the record, I have never used the shuffle feature in CoolPlayer.

-- I don't know if I should post the following in "Bugs" or in "Features" but here it goes: In older versions of CoolPlayer -- if I remember correctly -- when I paused a song I could unpause it by pressing play _or_ pause. In 205 I can only unpause a song by pressing pause; play just restarts the song from the begining. This is very awkward and, I think, not very intuitive. I can unpause a song on my CD player by pressin either pause or play but I can't do that in CoolPlayer.

Thank you for taking the time to read this rather long post and for making such a great program. I have used other player in the past but CoolPlayer is the best!

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