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new playlist sorting options

Posted by weze 
new playlist sorting options
July 06, 2002 07:37PM
i had an older version of coolplayer, maybe a year and a half old at the most. the playlist had different options for sorting. it showed the FILENAME.
with winamp you can go to "sort by > path and filename" and sit back in glee.
i've got my mp3s broken down into folders by band and then "band name - album - ##. song name". if i add a few different bands and cds, its really hard to sort them. just using the id3 sorting options (even more fun if you downloaded a few songs and the id3s are hideous)

so is it possible to bring back the filename tab on the playlist so i can use cp in bliss? smiling smiley
Re: new playlist sorting options
July 06, 2002 07:38PM
yes that was a hideous monstrosity of a post. i'm horrible at explaining things :/
Re: new playlist sorting options
July 07, 2002 08:55PM
Check out the 206 preview build...it brings them back. You just have to add it by right-clicking the tabs and marking the ones you want shown.
Re: new playlist sorting options
July 08, 2002 04:59AM
ahhhhh...... yes this pleases me a lot


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