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Multimedia Keyboards

Posted by WiNC 
Multimedia Keyboards
July 04, 2002 02:44AM
Might already be a function (or something I can do elsewhere) but is there a possible way to get CoolPlayer working with MultiMedia keyboards (MSoft Keyboard standard should be okay).. IE - so you can use Play/Pause, Forward Track, Back Track, and stop??

Other then that - Coolplayer is awesome - it is great sounding, wonderful to work with - stable on my WinXP, and really is nice to see it only uses so LITTLE amount of memory when running! smiling smiley (and processor useage is darn low also - great!!)


Re: Multimedia Keyboards
July 05, 2002 05:36AM
I'd love support for this as well....it's my only quam with Coolplayer...otherwise it's an AWESOME program! Keep it up! I'm so excited to see it's being updated again!!!!!
Re: Multimedia Keyboards
July 05, 2002 09:48AM
I third this, its the only major absence I feel using this player instead of winamp.


P.S. I think 2.03 is better than 2.04 or 2.05, 2.03 is more stable (for me).
Re: Multimedia Keyboards
July 06, 2002 11:02AM

I've been trying to reach you for a while now.....
- What are these stability problems that you are having? (so that I can fix them!)

On the Multimedia keyboard note..... I am going to "borrow" my nextdoor neighbor's keyboard this weekend and I'll take a look at adding it (no promises though!)
Re: Multimedia Keyboards
July 08, 2002 02:23AM
Thanks MarcusO - I'm trying to find the specifications for the Microsoft multimedia standard commands. Most keyboards should follow that standard for their number basic settings (play, track forward, track prev, stop, and pause) - If I find them I will post link on here. Winamp, and Microsoft Media Player use these standards - I believe SOnique does also.

Re: Multimedia Keyboards
August 09, 2002 11:28PM
Marcus - have you got any futher into this?
Re: Multimedia Keyboards
August 10, 2002 04:23AM
If keyboard support doesn't happen, use Girder. I've got an infrared remote control hooked up to Coolplayer with it, it's definately worth the trouble I went to. Go to girder.nl and have a look. If it seems like something worth trying, leave a note and I'll send you a little config file I made.


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