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Why do so many people want to turn CoolPlayer into bloatware?

Posted by Roj 
Why do so many people want to turn CoolPlayer into bloatware?
July 03, 2002 07:04PM
Support for this format.

Support for that format.

Next some twit will want lyrics support.

This is a minimalistic work of art, people - if you want bloated **** run Winamp.


"Faith manages."
- jms
Well, just correct (decoder-)plugin support. Nothing more grinning smiley
Re: Why do so many people want to turn CoolPlayer into bloatware?
July 03, 2002 10:21PM

You have the best MP3 decoder in existance built in already. Nothing more need be said.


"Faith manages."
- jms
Yeah I have to totally agree with Roj here - when Roj introduced me to this software I thought "Oh right - look at the size of it - it must sound like @!#$"... Damn I was wrong, and I'm so happy to see it working so greatly for what it is for... playing MP3 music.

The music is great (far out preforms WinAMP even with the MAD plugin) - and bar the little "bug" with turning on Equaliser on and off, I haven't found any problems with the program in the slightest.

Okay - there are some things I miss from WinAMP (well a plugin to tell the truth) and that is the function of having seemless merging of files which have no end silence... (ie, songs that are onrunning on the CD - but usually pause)...

Now Coolplayer has this - but you get a little "click" between the tracks ... (might just be me tongue sticking out smiley)

But honestly - please DON"T install every file format in the world - I love it being small and awesome as it is smiling smiley

Re: Why do so many people want to turn CoolPlayer into bloatware?
July 04, 2002 04:18PM
Coolplayer works fine as it is. It works so fine that I use it even though its volume control doesn't work with my soundcard. Small, stable, good sound - why would you ask for more? You cannot improve on its small size. You might be able to improve on its stability. You cannot improve on its good sound. Why add to perfection?

The beauty of Coolplayer is that it does everything an mp3 player should do while remaining the "smallest executable programmed in blazing fast 'C.' " If you want more in a mp3 player, use Winamp, MusicMatch, WMP, ATI's media players, or any other garden-variety mp3 player. If Coolplayer continues to add support for every possible audio "thing," it will have lost everything it was made for, and I will quickly search for another program that does exactly what Coolplayer did in version 2.03.
Re: Why do so many people want to turn CoolPlayer into bloatware?
July 05, 2002 09:18AM
hey Roj! grinning smiley

Nice to see you around here too. ;-)

I must agree with that statement, CoolPlayer don't need all those fancy stuff.
I must confess that I hardly look at my mp3 player (only when I arrange new playlists and such)..... So the way it looks don't mather either. :-)
The sound, and only the sound is important.

// Species Come And Go, But The Earth Stands Forever Fast \\
Re: Why do so many people want to turn CoolPlayer into bloatware?
July 15, 2002 07:48PM
From what i've understood from talking with MarcusO, is that all the internals are pretty much done. The MAD Decoder and OGG support does seem enough for now. But filesize of the CoolPlayer executable will go down when zippable skins come around (so we can compress the default skin=> smaller .exe size). So in actuality coolplayer is getting less bloated with a smaller filesize.

MarcusO is making remarkable progress in the playlist since 205. Sure the beta has problems, and there's probably going to be bugs when 206 comes out but coolplayer has gone nowhere but uphill since version 200.

Just because people want support for this or that doesn't mean we'll add it. After all, if they really wanted a feature they could code it in themselves. Coolplayer is opensource for a reason smiling smiley
I always run UPX and pack the executable down as well, get something around 40-50% compression.
Re: Why do so many people want to turn CoolPlayer into bloatware?
July 24, 2002 10:09PM
MarcusO said that compressors like UPX end up taking up a lot of memory to uncompress. A whole lot which hurts coolplayer where it is strongest. CPU/RAM usage.
With a well designed plug in system adding new formats does not add bloat to the software. And codecs aren't very large either, the GUI is probably much larger. (Speaking for myself I'd be happy with just ogg and flac, the free formats).
i just don't understand the mind of the guys who thinks:
"mp3 rulz, I R 1337, every other thing sux, and i'll kick ur azz if ya don't agree with me"

BTW, For me it just needs support for CD, and this doesn't bloat CP.
only reason i use mp3 is cause i gots over 5gb of it and i dunno if you can convert it to ogg...
Re: Why do so many people want to turn CoolPlayer into bloatware?
September 30, 2002 05:26PM
@ Ryude: Don't convert your mp3s to oggs this will cause a loss of quality. Encode your next CDs in ogg.

I agree with Jonas. A good plugin-support doesn't bloat CP. So all minimalistic-lovers and all I-want-this-and-that-format-support-guys are happy.
yea.. with plugins.. it can be like miranda-IM where it is still minimalistic... but can be customized. leaving the base program very streamlined nd small... buh having the capability to do other things.. yea?
just my two cents.
A good plugin architecture is goodie... you could even put the ogg and mp3 decoders like plugins like winamp has done... that would make updating the decoders easier or am I completely out in the forrest picking small wild berries...?

...anyways then it would be easy for people who want super duper support for every format or an mp3 player with firewall to make those plugins and put them in the plugins directory...

Btw I just divorced from WinAmp because of CoolPlayer... I like minimalistic... keep up the good work! =)
Re: Why do so many people want to turn CoolPlayer into bloatware?
October 23, 2002 06:52PM
I recently went back to Winamp. With the advent of SP1 for XP, I can no longer distinguish between the two players and CoolPlayer for all intents and purposes appears DEAD.

No builds, no news, just eerie silence...


"Faith manages."
- jms
Hmmm... granted, I don't use coolplayer anymore. However, I have been watching it for sometime to see how it has progressed, and used it for sometime in the past. I don't think Roj is ticked off that Coolplayer isn't getting new features (He said as much starting this thread), but that the existing bugs are still there with no sign of go anywhere soon. But I suspect that the Developers are still going and at one time or another Coolplayer will continue.

About some comments though...

All the flak that plugins visuals etc has copped in the past does'nt exactly make them sound good. And those who want them usually use a larger player that is supposed to be good lookin (Sonique... Possibly Winamp3). The opinion that that bloat the app to mammoth extents, was mine as well until quite recently. That was when it was implemented in the media player I use (XMPlay). I was skeptical, but now it supports Visuals and Winamp Input Plugins, with not a bloat in sight.

So in effect don't blame the plugins, they do come in handy and do help keep the main file size small while expanding its format support. Ofcourse you can go too far and have plugins everywhere ala winamp, which sort of gets confusing (Not that your looking in the plugins dir every ten seconds tongue sticking out smiley).

Really you've already seen a taste of what I mean by the implentation of skins. Does skins usually cause bloat? Yep, but does it have to? Nope.

Anyhoo, just throwing my two cents in there (Along with denzp's tongue sticking out smiley).
Re: Why do so many people want to turn CoolPlayer into bloatware?
November 09, 2002 05:39AM
"What do you want them to work on?"


Like having the playlist crash when accessing large amounts of files across the network. This is 100% reproducible.

A full control set for MAD a la the Winamp plugin.

A decent playlist minus the display BUG (this was *promised*).

A *promised* .wav writer

*Little* things like that.

Forget new features and kewl weirdness - just fix the old player *back to established functionality*

That's why I went back to Winamp 2 - all these things are there and it doesn't crash when I load up the playlist from any of my jukebox drives.

As much as I'm no fan of bloat, I'm an even lesser fan of BUGS.


"Faith manages."
- jms
can understand that, I dont like the bugs either... when playing MPC using plugin, it skips every min a few secs. quite annoying, so I am again using 1by1 (winamp is just too big and slow for me)
and now i found out how to prevent the bug, by not using directX output but wave output, im using cp again winking smiley
i must agree.. i like small size.. its great to use this program while playing games.. it only takes up 4 megs of memory while running.. even my instant messanger takes up more than that.. and winamp usually takes up 10mb's.. and i dont even wanna talk about how much winamp 3 takes up.. winamp3 is so bloated i can't believe it.. after i tried winamp 3 it just made me mad.. it takes forever to load and is bloated. you dont want coolplayer to be bloated anways.. it plays mp3's and oggs perfectly.. nothing more is needed. or required. it even plays streams too.
well i really like CoolPlayer, i uninstalled winamp from my computer once i discovered this mp3 player.
it's small, fast..
i really don't mind this or that.
but one thing...
that i miss..


Playlist has no playing time calculated
neither the songs in playlist have their playing time showed...
why is it like that?
that's the only thing i found being wrong with this player..
kinda puts me down everytime i click on the playlist and notice that it's really JUST a list.. nothing more..
this is my request...
time indicator in playlist... for each song and for entire list...
smiling smiley
CoolPlayer Rules! smiling smiley
Support Winamp General Plugins and I'll switch to CP for sure ........... I Promise smiling smiley

But until then, I'm wavered... don't know if it should be WA3 or WA2 or the new Audio throb - th Foobar 2000.


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