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If some informal manufacturers produce compound wood-plastic

Posted by hhm1020 
If some informal manufacturers produce compound wood-plastic
March 08, 2018 04:35AM
<p>profiled sheet from floor<br />
non slip garden flower bed fence<br />
new customized how to concrete floor polishing</p>
plastic flooring has been a mature product, many colors, can simulate all kinds of natural wood texture or artificial pattern. Can meet the needs of the majority of consumers. At present, some enterprises can also customize the color for consumers. And after laying the overall effect of the ground is very good, color and color uniform, visual effect. Because of wood plastic floor surface using aluminum trioxide

wear-resistant paper. It has high flame retardancy, strong resistance to pollution and corrosion, good pressure and impact resistance. Furthermore, the composite wood-plastic floor has good dimensional stability, so it can ensure that the gap between the floor is small in the process of use. Not easy to arch. And easy to lay, easy to clean care. The price is relatively low. Shortcomings: first of all compared with

the solid wood floor, WPC Decking because of the greater density so the foot feeling slightly worse. Secondly the WPC Decking repairable poor once damaged. Must be replaced. Because of the use of formaldehyde adhesives in the production process, so there is a certain kind of floor formaldehyde release problem. According to the national regulations, formaldehyde emission grade in E0 and E1 belongs

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