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which is based on polystyrene resin

Posted by hhm1020 
which is based on polystyrene resin
March 07, 2018 09:18PM
<p>insulation board? XPS insulation board is extruded polystyrene insulation board, which is based on polystyrene resin as raw materials plus other raw materials and polymers, mixed by heating while injecting catalyst, and then Extrusion extrusion molding and manufacture of rigid foam board, its scientific name is adiabatic extruded polystyrene foam (referred to as XPS), XPS has a perfect closed-cell honeycomb structure, this </p>
<p>structure makes the XPS board has very Low water absorption (almost no water), low thermal conductivity, high pressure resistance, anti-aging (normal use almost no aging decomposition phenomenon). Second, the scope of application of XPS insulation board 1, building roof insulation, steel roofing, building wall insulation, building ground moisture, square ground, ground frost heave control, central air conditioning and </p>
<p>ventilation ducts 2, the ground moisture insulation, extensive The utility model is suitable for laying down under the subgrade of highways, railways and airport runways in the alluvial areas of all kinds of buildings to control the thermal expansion and contraction state of the floor tiles and has excellent structural load-bearing effect. 3, interior decoration, advertising board, widely used in interior decoration, ceiling, sound </p>
<p>synthetic railing materials<br />
trex fence price per foot<br />
how to choose private fence materials</p>

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