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ceiling decoration materials, you can decorate

Posted by hhm1020 
ceiling decoration materials, you can decorate
March 06, 2018 03:47PM
<p>600,000 coliform bacteria and other bacteria. Most Chinese families use the same chopping board for cutting lettuce and cooked vegetables. Cutting cooked food on these chopped chopping boards will naturally stain many bacteria and enter the gastrointestinal tract again, causing the digestive system and other systemic diseases to occur. So pay attention to the health of chopping block is an important part of </p>
<p>improving diet and health can not be ignored. 2, sterilization and disinfection methods of disinfection of the anvil, now the most common method used are the following: (1) scraper, sprinkle salt. After each cut vegetables, scraping all the debris on the board, sprinkle a thin layer of salt on the board every week, both sterilization, but also anti-chopping block dry. (2) wash with boiling water. Rinse with a hard brush </p>
<p>and water, then wash with boiling water. (3) drug disinfection. With five kilograms of water plus two pieces of bleaching powder, the chopping block immersion moment. Edit Comment: chopping block in the kitchen kitchenware Although the humble, but all the food we eat, need to go through the cutting board processing, but its neatness and our health are closely related, can not be underestimated. For more </p>
<p>substitute materials for wood moldings<br />
go green furniture wpc board<br />
exterior rigid insulation cladding</p>

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