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Flooring effective maintenance of small knowledge

Posted by hhm1020 
Flooring effective maintenance of small knowledge
March 06, 2018 03:46PM
<P>We usually can use the vacuum cleaner to suck the dust on the floor surface, after sucking dust can wring the wipe the floor to clean. Open the window after the dragging finished, so that the house ventilation, so that you can quickly dry the floor. Can not avoid the floor of the home will leave some stains, such as oil stains, or ink and the like, you can use special grease to rub things.</P>
<P>If it is fruit juice or wine and other stains can be rubbed directly with a rag, if not rubbed on the rag can add some floor cleaner and then rub. If it is wax and chewing gum, you can use the ice to make it cold contraction, and finally can easily scrape up, and then use the floor cleaner on the rag wipe it.</P>
<P>For the light-colored composite wood floor, we can use a cloth to wash the rice with water to wipe the floor, you can also wash the rice sprinkled directly on the floor, wait for 5 minutes and then rub, so the floor will be more clean.</P>
<P>Laminated wood flooring, paving, it is best to maintain for 24 hours before they can be used, otherwise it will affect the use of wood flooring. Laminated wood flooring is not suitable with a wet rag, try to keep the floor dry, there is the sun can not be exposed. If the composite floor wear layer damage will affect the smoothness of the floor and moisture-proof features, so we usually have to wear shoes to walk on it.</P>

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