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chandelier created a dreamlike sweet scene

Posted by hhm1020 
chandelier created a dreamlike sweet scene
March 06, 2018 01:02AM
84 lumber pvc railing<br />
use pvc wood products<br />
deck furniture sale
After these reasons have been ruled out, not straightforward reasons may also be two: pvc wall products cooling is not enough, followed by the water after the cooling tank is still relatively high temperature, in the case of external forces and the distortion, the specific adjustment method is Increase the mold and water cooling tank cooling water or think of ways to reduce the cooling water temperature, and then can not directly reduce the speed of production; both sides of the discharge rate is inconsistent adjustment method: the same temperature on both sides of the mold after the observation of half an hour , If there is no change to see which side of the discharge speed is slow to which side of the temperature increase several degrees, or which side of the discharge soon to which side of the temperature and then reduce several degrees.

pvc partial uneven wall panels. In general, the unevenness of the wallboard is mainly caused by the vacuum setting section of the shaping mold. Such as the vacuum is not enough, or stereotypes die cooling water is not enough, adjust the way to increase the local cooling water, through the water seal to increase the degree of vacuum to speed up the cooling rate of wallboard products.

If the local water to open up to the maximum uneven, then the stereotypes removed to clean up the vacuum circuit. the overall surface of the wall is not smooth The reason is the overall mold temperature is too high or the extruder host vacuum pump is not working properly, transfer method: the overall temperature of the mold to reduce a few degrees or clean the extruder vacuum pump.

the wall crack, to see if there is damage to the water wall wall occurs, or the formula in the lubricant content is high, or the use of more poor quality stabilizer. the density is too high, foam is not good. First of all to see whether the balance of lubrication, again can be appropriate to reduce the amount of blowing agent or increase the amount of regulator to see if there is any effect, according to the feedback out of the situation to be adjusted. pvc wallboard production process should pay attention to the status of the equipment, the surrounding health and discipline.

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