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Wood floor to pay attention to maintenance!

Posted by hhm1020 
Wood floor to pay attention to maintenance!
March 06, 2018 12:10AM
<P>Floor due to improper use, the kitchen or toilet faucet or heating running water, so that the floor soaked in water for too long, the floor wet deformation occurs, due to swelled size nowhere to expand, only arching. When laying the floor, too strict requirements of joint, shop too close, with the changes in climate and humidity, the floor is too close, not with the humidity expansion, can only arched;</P>
<P>Floor laying, shop to the wall, should leave 2 cm gap as a telescopic seam, and then covered with a toe plate, and some consumers in order to clean, so laying workers try to keep the seam thin, or even filled with small pieces of wood, This will also make the floor can not stretch, only arched! Replacement of the new floor, repair, remove the deformed floor tiles, the ground with cement pave the way, put a new floor, so that the floor will be smooth as ever.</P>
<P>Remove the arched blocks and the surrounding floor to make it ventilated and air, can ease the arch problem; large pry from the arching floor, waiting for the ground, keel dry, and then laying the floor back; pay attention to keep the floor and the outside world is normal Contact, so that it is balanced with atmospheric humidity; if arched seriously, consider replacing. In order to prevent the floor arching, experienced laying master in the paved floor will be set aside in advance a certain small gap, to the floor left to "thermal expansion and contraction" of space.</P>
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