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not straightforward reasons

Posted by hhm1020 
not straightforward reasons
March 05, 2018 08:07AM
placing portable gazebo on a deck<br />
make wood look like plastic<br />
living room flooring options
The wood-plastic sleeper contact can solve this problem, experts predict that by 2010, the demand for plastic sleepers will reach 800,000 cubic meters, about 12 million. used to make the tray Tray, wood and plastic materials can come in handy. China needs more than 100 million pallets each year, with an output value of about 15 billion yuan. 90% of trays are wood products. The same size wooden pallets, each about 80 to 120 yuan, plastic tray 300 yuan; and wood plastic tray 70 yuan to 150 yuan, and recyclable, re-use. for home improvement ?PVC sheet has great use in the home improvement. It is found that currently used for interior decoration of a variety of wood-based panels, coatings, man-made sheet of furniture and so use formaldehyde, emitting toxic gases, causing indoor environmental pollution, become an unattainable health killer.

According to the relevant experts found that residues in a variety of decorative materials, furniture, toxic gases, take up to 15 years to release clean. Although the state enforces national compulsory standards for 10 kinds of building materials, the national standard is only a limitation on the amount of harmful substances in decorative materials and is not completely eliminated. In a limited space, extensive use of decorative materials, each material volatile a little harmful gases, cumulative, indoor harmful gas will inevitably exceed the standard. Toxic gas room, has become a problem for the interior decoration industry. WPC PVC / plate promotion and application, the poison gas room problems have been cracked. Wood-plastic PVC sheet, does not contain harmful substances on the human body, with a small proportion of high strength, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, insulation, insulation and other excellent performance. Is the furniture industry, interior decoration industry and the future of timber construction industry ideal timber.

PVC wood plastic foam wall abnormalities how to do PVC wood plastic foam wall abnormalities how to do In pvc wall extrusion process, there are three common non-normal state: wall is not straight, wall uneven, smooth surface, etc. For these problems we should solve it? 1, the wall is not straight. First of all, to check whether the mold and die alignment, under normal circumstances the wall may be bent upward die and die are not aligned, the location is high; and wall plate is bent down because the die Low condition. In the stereotypes die and the die has been aligned, and then check the water tank, traction and saw bench with the stereotypes alignment.

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