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DIY wooden floor cleaner

Posted by hhm1020 
DIY wooden floor cleaner
March 05, 2018 05:07AM
<P>Coffee residue both water absorption and deodorant two major functions. Collect coffee grounds, dry with gauze bags, stockings or cotton socks wrapped, placed in all corners of the floor, can effectively absorb air moisture. The new installation of the floor, as well as formaldehyde and other decoration pollution smell function. Can be said that the most healthy desiccant.</P>
<P>Usually we can also make a lime moisture absorption bag on the bathroom has helped tile moisture Oh, but to note is to use quicklime, can not use construction lime. Take a number of raw lime powder, with the size of cotton cloth or cloth wrapped, sew a good mouth, the cloth bag hanging with a rope, hanging in the more damp places.</P>
<P>Candles can also play a role in reducing indoor air humidity. In paving the floor of the bedroom or living room, light incense, energy efficient drying air, but also out of the room musty. Aromatherapy at the same time as a decoration to enhance the romantic home, both practical and sentimental. Is the most emotional desiccant.</P>
<P>In addition to dehumidifiers, air conditioning is also dehumidifier "hipster." Reporter learned that the general air-conditioning has dehumidification function, it is because the air conditioning in the cooling process is bound to be accompanied by dehumidification.</P> "plastic or wood for packing,outdoor deck covering waterproof,Meilleur vendeur de plafonnier en gros "

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