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wall or flat, or the other side of the drying

Posted by hhm1020 
wall or flat, or the other side of the drying
March 04, 2018 07:02AM
<p>method to experiment, wash the dishes flat lay, observe the surface of the cutting board moisture when dry, faster dry The more dry, the general chopping board in the second before use just get rid of the most appropriate, if the environment is relatively dry, you can use wet towels to cover the cutting board, cutting board water loss slow, so cutting board is not easy to crack, Can also put the cutting board in </p>
<p>the tap or basin to draft, cutting board is not easy to crack. Question seven: What to do after the chopping board is cracked? Answer: The chopping board will be slightly cracked when there is a slight water shortage. At this time, the chopping board must be supplemented with water and a small crack will be compounded. If there is a serious water shortage If you do not panic, you can wash after each use on </p>
<p>the basin into the bubble, when used and then pick up and wash clean use, more than half a month after the basic city restore. Question eight: Why the new cutting board cutting board easier to crack, but the old is not easy to crack? Answer: The new cutting board at the beginning of use, the wood is relatively hard, not easy to hide water, water loss than the loss of the cutting board Fast, it will be easier to crack, </p>
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