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Picture of wooden floor in bedroom Floor weight

Posted by hhm1020 
Picture of wooden floor in bedroom Floor weight
February 28, 2018 08:20AM
plastic edging for plywood<br />
installation of wpc<br />
composite outdoor dining chairs
More precious wood flooring, wood flooring and better wear resistance, so dirt is also better. Evaluation staff with oil pen doodle on the floor, and then wipe with a damp cloth, wipe the floor as new. So whether it is dust or dirt, wood floor are better care. Floor fire, safe and secure Ignite a note with a lighter and place it on the floor After the note is burned, observe the floor, leaving a yellow mark Wipe clean the floor with a damp cloth, the floor is the same as before ? 5. drip test Assessment staff in the joints at the floor drip a lot of water, and then open the floor to see the observation, the floor without water infiltration, so waterproof better. Knowledge Tips: WPC floor substrate is made of medium and high density board, the relative density of small, large expansion coefficient.

WPC flooring in the pavement once the water, if not wipe in time, it is easy to cause swelling due to water swelling, deformation. Its moisture resistance is not strong, less stable in wet conditions. Patent lock, tight connection Seven true floor lock patent patented Unilin authorized manufacturing, locking power, pull 600-1000kg / m, anti-crack moisture. And many illegal imitation of the lock floor, machining accuracy is low, the locking force is not easy to crack, and the service life will not be too long. One of the advantages of a locker floor and a common tongue-and-groove floor is that the joint does not need to be glued, so it is relatively environmentally friendly, which is also suitable for a small-sized house.

The room is small and the air is not easily circulated. Therefore, Clipping the floor for the health of people is beneficial. 7. Small size, thin thickness This floor is 1286x131.5x8mm, the thickness of only 8mm, very suitable for small size, because the floor of the small size, light color, the number of floors, will have a visual sense of expansion. The thickness is relatively thin, so very suitable for warm. PS wood (plastic wood) what are the characteristics WPC is a brand new wood-like material made of 100% macromolecule material, especially suitable for outdoor field, The company is located in: PS plastic wood is a brand new wood material made of 100% polymer material, especially suitable for outdoor field, PS wood plastic has the following characteristics: 1. Natural wood texture, comfortable surface.

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