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Pebble sand machine

Posted by hhm1020 
Pebble sand machine
February 09, 2018 02:10AM
As is known to all, sand making machine is pebble sand, the core of artificial mechanism of sand production equipment, the high performance of crushing and sand production, can meet the needs of sand and gravel aggregate, in such aspects as construction and municipal construction has its outstanding performance. The production line of sand making machine can meet the requirements of the construction of each project in terms of output and quality, as well as the requirement of mechanized construction.

But usually equipment after the storm or external factors, such as, or is their own operational problems will lower the efficiency of the sand making machine equipment, such as key components of the sand making machine usually include bearing, impact block (also known as the plate hammer), back plate, chassis plate and turned my daughter guard board, etc. So how do you make these parts work the most, and extend the service life, we need not only to operate the rules but also to know how to maintain and replace them.
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First of all, we first understand the bearing of the sand making machine, which is mainly used to fix the hammer head and board hammer or impact plate, so that it can cooperate perfectly with the motor. In addition, because the crusher USES the rotating device to connect with the drive, the bearing is also a necessary part. The bearing lubrication technology used in sand making equipment USES lubricants and lubricants, which can effectively reduce the wear between machines and improve the service life of the equipment.

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