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paid attention to in the construction of kiln

Posted by hhm1020 
paid attention to in the construction of kiln
February 07, 2018 09:40AM
Because the quality of the construction is of great significance in the value of the kiln, it is necessary to pay attention to the construction of the kiln. Kiln construction has certain requirements for construction and technical personnel, because even the design document is perfect, but do not know the kiln characteristics, or can not do the work, just to have the experience of refractory brickwork is not enough, also must seriously study the construction method and its procedures, and strictly implement. Construction is a serious and meticulous technical work. The sense of responsibility and technological level of the construction staff is the key to the success of construction. Construction is a creative and painstaking labor process combining theory with practice. The constructors are good at organizing the allocation, diligently checking and supervising, dealing with problems and making decisions in a timely manner, etc., which is conducive to better operation of technical level and dynamism of operators, so that the quality can reach the upper limit of the acceptance specification as far as possible, so as to get excellent construction quality. Construction personnel must firmly establish a long-term goal, the concept of quality first, careful construction, under the premise of ensuring quality and reduce the cost of trying to speed up the progress of.
1, first of all, the builders should fully understand the design intent, grasp the physical and chemical performance indicators of materials, check the quality and size of materials, and timely study the countermeasures according to the specific circumstances.Indium Tin Oxide magnetron sputtering coating line
2, the construction personnel must make detailed technical disclosure to the workers before carrying out every process. In the process of masonry, we should check the quality of construction and the size and location of control drawings at any time.JY1500VTF 1500c compact tube furnace with complete vacuum system
3, considering that datum and centerline are standard for kiln construction, they are standard for checking and measuring at any time during the progress of kiln construction. Therefore, we must strictly and accurately lay out datum and centerline, and fasten them firmly.
4. The laying of the track in the tunnel kiln is very important, and it is the key part that affects the quality of the construction. So in the process of laying in the various types of comrades should closely cooperate, work must be strict in demands, track after repeated measurement several times after approval is fixed.
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