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Project procurement of medium frequency electric furnace

Posted by hhm1020 
Project procurement of medium frequency electric furnace
February 06, 2018 02:24AM
The selection of medium frequency furnace furnace capacity is usually first thought that the production efficiency of the furnace can not meet the demand of molten iron. However, the amount of the same hot metal can be selected for a single large capacity furnace, and it can also choose multiple small capacity stoves, which need to be analyzed and selected according to actual needs. Sometimes, when a large amount of hot metal is needed to produce large castings, it is to choose multiple small capacity furnaces, and usually should not choose a large capacity stove under normal production needs. As such, it can not only improve production flexibility and reliability, and can reduce the amount of hot metal in the melting because the capacity is too large to reach the rated power caused by the power consumption.Jewelery PVD gold color titanium nitride used vacuum metalizing machine
The capacity of induction furnace and the technical and economic index of furnace are also closely separable. Generally speaking, the technical and economic index of large capacity furnace is high. This is because the energy loss of molten iron unit decreases with the increase of furnace capacity.
The ratio of rated power and rated capacity is a Peugeot that can reflect the time required for the melting of a medium frequency induction furnace and the amount of electricity needed for the melting. When the ratio increases, the melting time will be shortened, the electricity consumption will be reduced, while the melting rate increased; on the other hand, while the melting time is longer, the consumption of electricity will be greater, the melting rate is lower.Graphite heating vacuum furnace for fusing glass
Therefore, under the same capacity, we should increase the matching power of the medium frequency furnace to improve the melting efficiency of the medium frequency electric furnace and reduce the power consumption.
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