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Less decarburization and mobile bell type gas furnace

Posted by hhm1020 
Less decarburization and mobile bell type gas furnace
February 05, 2018 07:40AM
Full fiber furnace cover annealing furnace for mobile fuel standard parts of raw materials (rod, straight), other pieces of steel castings, annealing treatment, compared with the old trolley annealing furnace with the same tonnage, not only has the advantages of novel structure, and good energy-saving effect, the actual measurement shows that the energy saving effect of 30% ~ 60%, the moving part is no longer the workpiece carrying trolley, light weight and mobile but constant cover, walking motor total power installation equipment is only 8kW, no longer need to operate at high load under the condition of high temperature, prolonged service life;
Performance Large Vertical High Temperature Vacuum Furnace
The furnace type is reasonable and the fuel is burned completely, not only is the energy saving obvious, but it does not pollute the environment.IGBT Used Melting Furnace
Because of good sealing performance, reduce fire leakage phenomenon, the combustion chamber is arranged at the stove on both sides, location reasonable design of fuel combustion more fully in contact with the workpiece, annealing hot air current is reduced or neutral atmosphere, the internal design of mobile cover to make the hot air circulation barrier free, uniform temperature field is guaranteed, the atmosphere control system of intelligent computer the possibility of reducing the workpiece burn and decarburization, workpiece quality after treatment is good, the test result shows that after annealing the material can be realized without decarburization.
Salt bath heat treatment furnace for measuring tools


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