Stainless steel pipe manufacturers industry unfavorable factors
February 05, 2018 05:17AM
<p>1, Foshan stainless steel pipe market is highly competitive, the industrial structure is irrational. Industry Information Network released "2014-2019 China Stainless Steel Pipe Market Research and Investment Strategy Planning Report" pointed out that the domestic stainless steel pipe manufacturing industry in many enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises coexist, and have the ability to produce petrochemical, natural gas and electrical equipment The industry's high corrosion resistant oil and gas pipelines, LNG pipelines, nuclear equipment and other high-end industrial stainless steel pipe with a small number of enterprises.stainless steel coil exports</p>
<p>Most stainless steel pipe products focus on the low-end market, leading to intense competition in the industry market, irrational industrial structure, extensive production and management of enterprises, anti-market risk is not strong enough, these issues will not conducive to the development of stainless steel pipe industry in Foshan . The company is located in:stainless sheet price per ton</p>
<p>2, Foshan stainless steel pipe manufacturers and international excellent stainless steel pipe business there is a certain gap. Although China's stainless steel pipe manufacturers in the high-end market share, technology, quality has improved, but with some international excellent stainless steel pipe companies, there are still some gaps, the international excellent stainless steel pipe companies through long-term accumulation, In materials, technology, equipment, etc. have some advantages, monopoly of a number of domestic high-end industrial stainless steel pipe market.Hinge Open Door 3 Glass Bathroom Shower Door With Plate</p>
<p>The advantages of these enterprises to domestic stainless steel pipe into the high-end stainless steel pipe market more difficult for our stainless steel pipe industry to enhance product quality and manufacturing technology adversely affect the same time is not conducive to the development of stainless steel pipe industry in Foshan. However, due to its low nickel content, the 200 series material is obviously inferior to the 300 series stainless steel in chemical resistance such as corrosion resistance. This also limits the application of 200 series stainless steel welded pipe, such as the decorative pipe on the ship, Under higher environment, 200 series usage is almost equal to "zero"Alambre de acero inoxidable con superficie brillante</p>

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