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Industrial high temperature electric furnace Market

Posted by hhm1020 
Industrial high temperature electric furnace Market
February 02, 2018 04:11AM
With the quality of speaking, sincere cooperation is the idea that our company is adhering to. With excellent product quality and quality of service, it occupies a broad market. Our company specializes in the production and sale of electric furnaces and kilns. Our company's continuous innovation technology is constantly developing in the new trend. Our brand has been popular with many new and old friends for many years. Next, the market development prospect of industrial high temperature electric furnace is introduced.Industrial Furnace Oven Lab Heating Equipments Box Annealing Furnace
Market demand forecast:Water cooling jacket Low temperature vacuum brazing furnace in China
The 70% parts of the machinery industry needs heat treatment, automobile and tractor industry 70%~80% parts need heat treatment processing, tools and products bearing 100% needs heat treatment, even some civil service life of metal products, most rely on improved heat treatment. Fastener industry, bearing industry, chain industry, tool industry, automobile, tractor and motorcycle parts industry all rely on the quality of heat treatment to compete in the market. With the development of industry in ten years, it is predicted that every year there will be 40~50 million T new hot processing capacity. In addition, most of the domestic electric furnace equipment is old and backward, and will tend to be eliminated and upgraded. Therefore, the demand for industrial high temperature electric furnace is still large.Oil Pump Shaft For 1978 Ford Bronco

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