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Han Wufeng smoked stove

Posted by hhm1020 
Han Wufeng smoked stove
February 02, 2018 03:04AM
Han Wufeng smoked furnace, March 10, 1989 Jiaozuo Jiahe Tuen woodland brick cellar unearthed, now hidden in Henan Museum, [1] the Han Dynasty. Through high 20, Xiao Feng 3.1 cm high. Shaped like Phoenix, Dafeng double claw rivets diameter of 21.5 cm, 2 cm high flat chassis, the bottom of the plate has three milk foot. Phoenix hold his head tall, mouth title sphere, show wings, wide tail upturned, both on the chest and the wings have feather plume ornamentation. Wings, belly connected with a nail, free Zhang He. Tail, wings are curved and rectangular small hole. Chest, wings and tail of a small phoenix.
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Wufeng main body of a smoked stove for a large image of Phoenix, Arima Jin Yu, head cited neck, mouth title ball, wings upright, wide-winged upturned, both on the chest and the wings have feather-feather decoration. Fong abdominal hollow, wings, abdominal connection with the fixed through the connection, Zhang together freely, you can open here to place the spices, the idea is very clever; Feng body back piercing arc-shaped holes, the burning of spices from this Curl up; the fin at the wing is also engraved with a small curved hole and a rectangular hole, decorated with gorgeous beauty; chest, wings and tail decorated with a chick phoenix, a total of five phoenix, so named. The main body of smoked furnace is supported by double-claws of Dafeng, riveted on a disc, and the plate is flat-bottomed, folded along, and decorated with three milk feet. This five Fenghuang furnace with bronze material to create a vigorous big image of the Phoenix, Dafeng majestic, wearing Jin Yu, four chick phoenix embellishment on it, sophisticated design, unique shape. Reminiscent of the finished product of the day, brilliant eye-catching, practical and ornamental set in one, not only is a living utensils, but also a beautiful handicrafts.
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Smoked stove is used to incense and heating furnaces. The novelty of the utensils concept, strange shape, the vivid style of the wind, posture and entertaining, set practical viewing in one, for the Han Dynasty bronze superior. "Wei Shu integration." Le Ye map "contains:" Five are all five-color, Rui who, for the sinners four. "When the Spirit Propaganda Ming Phoenix down. The performance of this smoked stove Wufeng, the larger should be end, a symbol of good luck, the world peace.
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