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Fully automatic slag producing gas generator

Posted by hhm1020 
Fully automatic slag producing gas generator
January 31, 2018 08:10AM
The furnace skirt, also known as the dregs ring, is the key part of the lower part of the gas generator furnace body, and its function has the following aspects:
1, because the furnace ash tray insert skirt in the flume, so as a water seal pipe furnace skirt and ash disk water ash water seal on the inner side of the stove skirt is the gas in the furnace (in normal fire layer should be gasifying agent, air and water vapor in the fire layer down, to produce gas the outer skirt is atmospheric furnace).
2. As a channel for slag discharge, ash is guided by a small ash knife after a furnace skirt.Cheap Designer Pumps
3, it has the function of crushing slag. The inner side of the furnace skirt is a toothed plate. Because of the tooth shape, it can move ash and slag on the one hand, and it can also use its relative extrusion with the base to break the slag.Rubber Lined Pump
4. The upper part of the skirt has a protective plate to prevent the burning of the furnace flange when the fire layer falls.Industrial Furnace Ovens Lab Heating Equipments Vacuum Harding Furnace

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