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How to use the vehicle WiFi router, set up a car wireless router

Posted by hhm1020 
How to use the vehicle WiFi router, set up a car wireless router
January 31, 2018 06:27AM
<p>WIFI has become an indispensable traffic signal in life, then you have not thought about that WIFI followed his car while wandering? The following are some specific steps to connect the vehicle Best Price Ruijie Rg Rsr10 02E Network Router Supports Qos Ipv6 Vpn Firewall. </p>
only need to buy a WIFI launch and support telecommunications, mobile, Unicom wireless router can be one of them. For example: if you have a China Telecom Tianyi 3G UIM card, you insert it to buy a wireless router (as in the SIM card inserted into the mobile phone like) and then open the router, when a router receives a 3G signal after Telecom will automatically be converted to WIFI signal, all you can support WIFI equipment the Internet (of course, you can change the password for the router encryption or usually, the factory has been encrypted by default)! In addition, the wireless router, with a cell phone lithium battery as a power supply, usually can be used for about 2-3 hours. You can buy another MINI USB interface to use the USB charging line on the car. The price of these products is about 200 to 400. >
<p> WIFI router first you need to purchase a car in the 4S shop, it serves as a vehicle in the Ma5605 Adce Adsl Service Board with WIFI hotspot, charging interface can be connected to the lighter above. </p>
<p> in mobile or telecom business for a 3G wireless network card, network card in the 3G card inserted into the jack of the router. </p>
<p> WIFI now open mobile phone, search signal in their mobile phone, the router is encrypted, you can find instructions on the initial password. now you can normally use WIFI mobile phone, car Cisco Catalyst C3560Cx 8Pc Switch 8 Ge Poe Switch is installed successfully. </p>

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