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Belkin wireless router setup tutorial, simple and practical

Posted by hhm1020 
Belkin wireless router setup tutorial, simple and practical
January 31, 2018 02:55AM
<p> is not aware of how to set up 24 Port Poe Layer 3 Switch Huawei S3700 28Tp Pwr Ei , especially wireless routers, for a lot of friends with new contact routers. Today, I take a Belkin wireless router as an example to explain how to set up. </p>
After entering Belkin wireless router to set up the home page interface, the router's state parameters are included, including version information, LAN settings, Internet settings, and various parameters of the function, which is clear at a glance.
<p> 1. At present, the most widely used way is ADSL dial-up Internet access. It belongs to the third PPPoE networking type. Select it and click next to enter the setup page. </p>
<p> In the user name and password with internet service providers to account close, numerical service name and MTU is generally not in default, can also according to their own needs to choose the automatic disconnection activities within a certain period of time, if you want to keep the Internet High Capacity Brand New Huawei Optix Osn6800 Optical Transmission System Osn6800 Huawei status, it will function in front of the small hook can be removed. </p>
<p> two, after setting up the WAN, then the wireless parameters are adjusted, first set the wireless network name, that is, SSID and wireless channel. </p>
<p> The wireless channel options, channel can choose their own equipment support, if not clear, can keep Auto, SSID can easily enter a name used to identify the network, wireless mode gandb mode is basically suitable for most of the current wireless equipment, radio SSID function we will check, convenient we find the wireless network configuration, QoS basically does not need to modify, keep them default. </p>
<p> three, then configure the wireless security. After entering the security interface, choose the security mode, and the corresponding settings of different modes are different. For wireless network security, it is recommended to choose WPA/WPA2 security mode. </p>
<p> Select the authentication method, the encryption technology, and enter the password inside the password box below, and the notebook will connect to the Belkin router by this password. </p>
<p> The setting steps of the Belkin wireless Genuine Huawei S9300 Series S9300 Switch Le0Ds24Xea00 have been finished, and we hope to help the majority of the beginners. </p>

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