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Teak floor maintenance

Posted by hhm1020 
Teak floor maintenance
January 29, 2018 03:59AM
<P>Appropriate floor waxing can play a moisture, damage prevention, increase the surface brightness and easy cleaning, but if the waxing frequency is too frequent, will cause damage to the floor. Frequent waxing will lead to wax scale wax overlay, and the wax layer between the two layers will be gray, affecting the effect of pineapple grid flooring.</P>
<P>If the indoor dry easily lead to cracking the floor, increase the floor surface humidity can effectively alleviate the cracking of pineapple grid floor, from the Alice problem, but for the floor moisturizing should not be large-scale water supplement, but should actively regulate the indoor humidity.</P>
<P>Small gravel long stay pineapple grid floor surface, walked back and forth, traces of gravel wear will appear on the floor surface. Floor gravel should not be treated with damp rags and mops, during which the gravel easily lead to wear and tear on the floor paint film scratch. Also need to be careful, do not make the floor exposed to open flames or placed directly on the floor of high-power electric heater, can not be placed directly to open kettles, stoves and other high temperature objects. These have affected the life of the pineapple grid floor.</P> "disadvantages of wood wall panelling,ranch wood fencing prices,vinyl fence materials "

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