solid wood flooring for sale in the market
January 02, 2018 12:07PM
<p>strengthening the floor part of the product 49 yuan / square; Parquet high-end market share continues to expand, has become the brand floor another flagship product business.<a href='[] between composite vinyl</a> 1, strengthen the floor: Businesses shopping 'Golden nine silver ten' the most important festival - National Day, some products 49 yuan / square from. We will soon enter the 'Golden Nine Silver Ten' in the most important holiday - National Day, all floor businesses are waiting in the wings, hoping to showcase their skills in this most important holiday flooring market. Promotions offer wave after wave,discontinued tundra flooring 'buy floor to send mahogany furniture,' 'buy floor to send diamond ring', 'buy floor </p>
<p>pumping car award', a lot of laminate flooring business promotional price of only 49 yuan / square. Although the current popular 'do not engage in promotions are waiting to die,<a href='[] composite panels manufacturing japan</a> engage in sales promotion is to die,' the industry said, but the face of the holiday market, 'no sales promotion' trend, most floor businesses will not be indifferent to holiday business opportunities, basically Do big or small,what is best material to repair boat floor early or late to do the difference. 2, parquet flooring: Parquet flooring high-end market share continues to expand, has become the brand floor of the future of another flagship product. Mosaic in different colors and species of wood mosaic parquet became </p>
<p>the current mainstream, the reporter visited the city many large home building materials to see the mall, nature, Fulin, life home, the North American maple,<a href='[] a bench on a deck</a> than Jia and most other wood flooring Brands are invariably introduced their own 'parquet series.'redwood lumber for horse stalls In addition to solid wood flooring, multi-layer solid wood flooring and even reinforced flooring have joined the 'parquet' ranks, have introduced their own parquet products, parquet patterns are also exceptionally rich. More importantly, each floor is already done splicing, compared with the traditional parquet, the need for on-site pavement, site combinations, save time and labor costs. According to </p>

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