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Thermal engineering detection and control

Posted by hhm1020 
Thermal engineering detection and control
December 28, 2017 08:08AM
At present, the energy consumption and the waste of industrial furnace in China are serious. women sunglasses vacuum coating machine
The problem of excess air coefficient is too large. This is mainly due to the backwardness of regulation means, and the labor intensity of workers is large, so it is difficult to guarantee the ideal combustion condition. Therefore, the improvement of the level of thermal testing and control has great energy saving potential. The use of advanced automatic control technology has become the development direction of automatic control of industrial furnace. By setting the automatic control system, the air fuel ratio of each section and the pressure of each section are strictly controlled, and the automatic control system is used to save energy. In real time, we use zirconia oxygen analyzer to detect the oxygen content in the exhaust gas and realize the automatic adjustment of the ratio of the air to the gas, so as to achieve the best combustion effect and reduce the energy consumption.

In addition to excavating the potential of equipment and technology, the energy saving of industrial furnace should also be handed down from energy management. From the three aspects of organization, production and operation, energy management should be strengthened. Efficiently organize production, strengthen equipment maintenance, exert the greatest potential of equipment, and make the furnace run efficiently. To raise the level of operation, strengthen planning and scheduling, timely statistics on energy consumption, the main link to find the waste of energy, make corresponding measures, inspection and treatment and the cause in the process of using the energy leakage waste of energy, effectively prevent various physical damage.

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