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opening of the floor section

Posted by hhm1020 
opening of the floor section
December 28, 2017 02:49AM
<p>other floors higher than 10-20 yuan, or even more. Laminate flooring unit price of less than 70 yuan quality is difficult to guarantee, so in the new flooring business for the event also set a number of Offer:<a href="[nyltgcc.org] for wood patio outside</a> From the overall service commitment to price concessions, each merchant has introduced one or two concessions --- Dazhuang specifications for the 76 × 12.5 × 1.8 Latin American tropical rain forest ants wood, plastic doors and stools gaining preference over woodonly sold for 188.80 yuan per square meter, Fidelity specifications For the 90 × 12 × 1.8 of the ilex wood sold only 208 yuan per square meter, built in specifications for the 91 × 12.2 × 1.8 racing shoes, beans, also sold only 238 yuan per </p>
<p>square meter, generally lower than usual 15- 20 yuan / square meter.While like Vason, Chaoyang, Pan American, Shengjia and Deer floor in the floor section also introduced the corresponding preferential measures,<a href="[nyltgcc.org] you use a barbecue on seven trust decking</a> business is hot.Obviously, the new floor of the city for the business floor of the festival Made a meticulous preparation.First Floor Festival organizers new flooring City, in particular,1x4 composite deck boards launched the 'full delivery' promotions, a certain amount of consumer spending will also be shopping vouchers, gift vouchers and newspaper booking and other multi-gift. At the same time, the market service department also set up a special lucky draw desk in </p>
<p>front of the consultation room. Each consumer can get a lucky draw with an invoice. Nearly 200 lucky winners received the 2004 Daily Business Daily Other exquisite gifts.<a href="[nyltgcc.org] to make from decking boards for garden</a> The enthusiasm for consumer participation is enthusiasm: the original 9:30 am - 5:00 pm expert advisory meeting, starting from 8:30 am, the floor outside the city consultation room gathered a group of people waiting for advice, To 5:30 pm,pvc wall panels indonesia there are some consumers waiting in line to consult experts and free testing. 9:40 am, only 10 minutes from the opening of the floor section, the scene was the first to produce a Fudley! Owners Mr. Xie took the valid certificate to the reception desk </p>

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