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from production to sales

Posted by hhm1020 
from production to sales
December 26, 2017 04:06AM
<p>flooring. The fast-growing forest has both the ecological protection efficacy of ecological forest and the efficiency of the raw material of economic forest or commercial forest.<a href="[nyltgcc.org] composite material supplier bali</a> It is a new type of forest that integrates the two together and highlights the economic efficiency. Fast-growing forest after ten to twenty years of culture can be a success, the tree growth cycle is greatly reduced. Since the 1980s,deck and porch flooring material the widespread popularization and cultivation of fast-growing timber in China has now entered a virtuous cycle of harvesting, which provides the possibility for enterprises to base their supply of raw materials. Jiusheng floor with Australia's largest eucalyptus </p>
<p>raw material suppliers, the introduction of fast-growing timber - eucalyptus, artificial cultivation, the use of eucalyptus fast-growing timber to enhance the modification technology, <a href="[nyltgcc.org] decking board spain</a>as a substitute for high-grade wood, which is by far the first wood Through independent international cooperation, flooring enterprises make new breakthroughs in cultivation techniques of eucalypt plantations, which takes a solid step toward large-scale and extensive planting of natural forests into plantations. Fourth, the 'rural wood' 'science and technology wood' rise,the application of composite materials opened up a new way for flooring materials. Rural wood such as Paulownia, black locust, elm, cypress, </p>
<p>mulberry, etc., with low production requirements, planting a wide range of characteristics. Technology wood is ordinary wood as raw material, made by high-tech means,<a href="[nyltgcc.org] synthetics deck revive review</a> such as long-Sheng floor Paulownia trees have been technological improvements, making it even better than the simulation of natural precious species of wood, both to maintain the properties of natural wood , But also given new connotation,is wood orthotropic or anisotropic meaning but also for the construction of green Earth's contribution to the home. As people tend to pursue environmental protection, natural and ecological concept of life, solid wood flooring will also become the first choice for home improvement, flooring </p>

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