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The wooden floor should be well maintained

Posted by hhm1020 
The wooden floor should be well maintained
December 22, 2017 01:30PM
<P>Home with birch wood floor friends, if the local damage to a smaller area, you can not repair, but can be decorated with furniture or carpets and other decorative items, if it is a slight scratch, you can ask the manufacturer's service personnel come to paint repair.</P>
<P>If the damaged parts larger, deeper, it is necessary to repair the partial damage to re-pavement; and then the overall need to re-pavement. Paint repair is best to ask the factory after-sales staff to repair, because the general paint products, even if the repair effect can not be guaranteed to meet environmental standards. The manufacturers have specialized repair paint or gel products.</P>
<P>Local damage repair methods need to be replaced first floor destroyed, and then completely removed. First of all, to cut a short slot in the floor, and then saw the surface to be prized open pry, will be divided into small pieces of the floor, it is noteworthy that we must clean the glue around to install, in the treatment of glue, You can use a small piece of the new tenon in the interface sliding back and forth to find the residual rubber and clear to ensure that the repaired floor beautiful. The overall re-pavement and no difference when the first pavement, first pry all the original floor, and then re-paved the new floor.</P> "average price square metre timber deck,weathering properties of plastic wood,cost to replace composite decking "

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