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White birch flooring repair

Posted by hhm1020 
White birch flooring repair
December 22, 2017 01:07PM
<P>Clear out the construction site: on the ground level (with two meters by the foot to measure the ground flatness, the request shall not be greater than 3 mm), based on the edge, corner parts protruding or uneven local trimming over. At the same time drilling in the bottom of the wall, in order to install the baseboard to prepare for the floor. Drilling a little knowledge: to a high degree of moderate, basic living in the middle of the baseboard; to be uniform, generally 2.4 meters long baseboard to drill 5 holes to be fixed, of course, baseboard joints to drilling; should pay attention to avoid Wall circuit, so as not to damage the circuit, or it is difficult to determine the location of the circuit according to the location of the cassette.</P>
<P>Moisture began to shop mats: After cleaning the ground, began to shop moisture-proof mats, mats in addition to moisture-proof effect, its softness and flexibility can also make up for uneven ground and increase the floor feel. Also note that if the home is geothermal but also need to change for a good thermal conductivity of aluminum platinum floor mats, the price is plus 2 dollars per meter. Again, after the mats shop with adhesive tape will be stuck at the seams, one fear of moving, the second is to increase moisture resistance.</P>
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