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skins & "playlist following"

Posted by emptyquarter 
I've noticed that sometimes when I change skins, coolplayer automatically changes the playlist to the playlist associated with the new skin I selected. However, other times it doesn't. I haven't been able to pinpoint the reason it only works sporadically.
This definitely isn't a big problem, but it is a nice feature & saves extraneous directory browsing.
It's actually a setting in the main skin's .ini file. The tag is something like playlistskin=playlist.ini. It seems like a lot of skinners don't know about this feature.
Re: skins & "playlist following"
June 29, 2002 06:35AM
Actually, MarcusO is the big programmer right now. He is mostly responsible (if not all) for the builds from 200 to 205. For 206 he has actually rewritten almost all of the playlist skin engine. From what I know, 206 is a huge update to the playlist only, then we can focus on CoolPlayer's Face Engine. Well what im getting at is that as we make these progresses, CoolPlayer will have a winamp style winzip compression for skins drastically shrinking file size. Of course with this new format of skinning CP has to come with a format standard, but this is a bit ways off.

Skins released with the new format will have this problem fixed. But oinky is right, skinners dont seem to know about linking to the playlist. As far as I know its in every tutorial (linked on the skins page)

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