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Playlist skips songs with Japanese IDC's

Posted by ChopperCharles 
Bug 1:

If the IDC tag of an mp3 contains Japanese characters Cool Player complains that it cannot read the file and it skips it and moves on to the next file.

Also, it will do the same thing if the filename contains Japanese characters.

While I'd like to be able to actually view the Japanese kanji names in the playlist, I'll settle for just being able to play the files.

Bug 2:
Sometimes when I click on the cool player smiley in the system tray, Cool Player acts like I have the left mouse button pressed down, and when I move the mouse over cool player the volume or the equalizer or the track position will go crazy as the mouse cursor passes over it. I have to make sure I click on the task bar or on another window before I move the mouse over cool player.

Bug 3:
This is minor. When Cool Player is open and showing on the task bar (not the system tray). Clicking on the task bar button will restore the window to the foreground. BUT clicking on the task bar button again will NOT minimize Cool Player. In keeping with the way other Windows programs operate, it should minimize.

Bug 4:
For no reason that I can discern, sometimes the audio crackles and garbles for a split second. It's not always when there's a heavy system load. I have a dual core 2.5 GHz machine with 2GB of ram, and this happens occasionally when nothing else is going on.


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