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214 : "next" causes volume rise.

Posted by SPeedY_B 
I don't know if i'm alone on this one, but:

When I have a lot of files in the playlist and listen to them all the way through with the volume on around 50% everything is fine.
but if i click the 'next' button (or hit cool smiley then the volume level shoots right up to 100% the sliders etc stay where the are, but its 100% level.

this happens when the system wave volume is selected. it does not seem to happen with internal volume selected, and is definately new to me for build 214.
My volume stays everytime the same. with internal and wave

i use 214
Re: 214 : "next" causes volume rise.
June 08, 2003 01:32AM
What skin?
Does it happen if you hit "B" instead of clicking with the mouse?
What if you right click on the system tray icon,
go to "Play Control", and then select Next?

If it happens only when you're clicking on the gui
(which is what I suspect),
then it's a buggy skin file (skin.ini).
Re: 214 : "next" causes volume rise.
June 08, 2003 10:45AM
Skin : Mac OS X Skin from wincustomize, but I've just tried it with the standard/default skin and the same occurs.
Yes It happens when I use the B key instead of clicking the GUI.
Same for the system tray method.

It only does it when both the "Cooler wave Mapper" and "system WAVE volume" are selected.
Yes, i have the same problem, only with cooler wave mapper and system Wave volume not only when i press B, also with normal clicking on the button, so youre not alone, speedy

I have the same problem. If I start the playing with the 'X' button, the volume raises the maximum output level. After I change the vol level with the UP or DOWN keys, the level go back the original level.

If I press the 'C' button, the vol level never changed.

My prefs: Cooler Wave Mapper, System Wave Volume ...
Hi guys can you reproduce the error? I mean when it occurs can you make it happen again. Please report the exact steps you give and avery little detail. report also wich boxes you have selected in general configuration. Maybe it is an important data. I could not reproduce the possible bug with my local CP.

Re: 214 : "next" causes volume rise.
October 17, 2003 05:54PM
Ijust wanted to report that I have the exact same problem.

Here's my findings:

If you set to CoolerWave mapper, then when you choose "System Master Volume" for Volume controls CoolPlayer will force the volume to wave volume to 100% every time you change songs, whether it is using the playlist or the "Next" buttons.

If you set to "Internal Volume" and "Coolerwave mapper" then every time you change songs it sets the Wave volume to 0%.

I managed to solve my prolem by changing the output to DirectSound Plugout.

Hope this helps someone.
Re: 214 : "next" causes volume rise.
May 27, 2007 10:32AM
This symptom or problem is still existing in the current version of 216!!
Basically Cooler Wave Mapper is much better then DirectSound Plugout, but I have to select DirectSound because of the problem mentioned. The Cooler Wave Mapper keeps on changing the Wave Volume.
When could this problem be rectified??


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