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Context-menu-items not added in Windows 7

Posted by Troy 
The context-menu-items 'CoolPlayer Play' and 'CoolPlayer Queue'
are not added in Windows 7.
How/where can I add these shortcuts manually ?
I found a work around for CoolPlayer Queue by adding a short cut to the "Send To" menu.
Open Windows Explorer and Paste the following into the address bar:
Copy and paste a CoolPlayer shortcut into the resulting window.
You may want to rename it "CoolPlayer Queue" WITHOUT the quote marks.
Next right click on that shortcut and select "Properties".
In the box marked "Target" move the cursor all the way to the right.
You should now be at the end of \coolplayer.exe"
note the quote mark. you want to add a single space and the the string
WITHOUT the quote marks.
Now when you right click on an mp3 you can go to "Send To" and select "CoolPlayer Que".
If there is no song playing then your song will play. If there is a song playing then your song
will be added to the queue.

Hope that helps,
Big Ray
Well, I found a flaw in my method above. The play list keeps any songs sent to it in the above manner, so your playlist will have the same songs the next time CoolPlayer is opened... I'll see if I can address that in the shortcut somehow.
Big Ray
Well, the Send To method above works OK as long as you go into CoolPlayer options and UNCHECK
"Remember Playlist"
Once you do that my work around is OK as both the Play and Add to CoolPlayer Queue context menu items.
Thanks Big Ray, that was very helpful, I've got it working now !
Well, intersting development here. I had to re-install Windows 7 and after I did, I ran Coolplayer "As Administrator" by right clicking on it. Then I did the setup in Options and clicked the "Register Filetypes" button and it all went as it should!
I now have "Play" and "Send to Playlist" for Coolplayer!
It should be noted that I never ran Media Center or Media Player and so did not register the MP3 and M3U file types with those programs... but I'm still shocked it worked.
Best of luck, Ray

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