ID3 Tags and local support
October 05, 2009 01:05PM
Hi, great app. Just one question. Will it support my local character set (WIN1250, ISO 8859-1) in ID3 tags? In this time I see just holes in tags while playing. Or should I something to set?

Thx Lister
Re: ID3 Tags and local support
September 30, 2011 08:26PM
Hi, I use Coolplayer+Portable V2.19.2 a lot.
But no tags visible at all (ID3v1 nor ID3v2) ... ?
Any suggestions ?

I noticed, that CoolPlayer 219 will not play files, that have certain (accented) characters in the file name. Renaming the file will make it playable, however if these characters are present in the ID3 tag, CoolPlayer will not display the titles correctly. Instead empty spaces will be shown in place of the correct character. When checking the bitmap images in various skin files, I noticed, that the character set is very limited and does not contain anything but the most basic ASCII characters. Would it be posible to extend the range to include accented and other foreign (Latin-based) charactes ? This would make CoolPlayer very versatile indeed and vastly improve its useability, in particular for broadcasting applications.
CoolPlayer is an excellent player for low budget broadcasting, and it seems to be the only one to be configurable in such a way, that automatic unattended resumption of programmes is possible after a total power loss and automated restart of the station PCs. It only takes to create a "default" playlist and using CoolPlayer as a "Startup" option.

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