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Playlist Problems

Posted by AEN007 
Playlist Problems
September 21, 2009 02:23PM

Here some playlist problems I repeatedly encounter.

CP scrolls neither the file name or ID3 title
unless "Support ID3v2" is checked.
CP does not display in the player the ID3 title
if only "read selected" & not "read all" is selected.
CP remembers neither the playlist nor last played.

CP has been repeatedly crashing upon finishing playing an mp3 -
whether I loaded only one file or CP is playing through a playlist.
I have now turned off "read all" & marked "read selected",
so CP displays the ID3 tag only in the playlist.
I have selected "Support ID3v2",
so CP will scroll the file name in the player.
I'm hoping these settings will keep CP from crashing all day long.

These are reminders.:
I previously "seconded" someone else's comment that
CP should return to supporting playlist skins.
The now default playlist skin is ugly.
Many people worked to create nice playlist skins.

I also previously suggested that CP
add a hotkey to open the options window.

New suggestions:
It would be nice if the CP window
(in the "title bar" or "status bar" - not necessarily visibly)
displayed [Stopped] or [Paused] - like WinAmp.
I wish the CP "c" hotkey was not a "toggle".
"c" should pause but not restart CP.

Thanks in any case.


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