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Crashes on execution in system with 3 monitors

Posted by Paul Harder 
I use the PortableApps release of CoolPlayer, installed on my USB hard disk. Until today, it worked great on every computer I had tried it on. Today, I had a third monitor installed. My PC has its native, integrated display controller, which I had not been using, plus a two-headed display controller that had two monitors. I now have both controllers in operation with three monitors and the Windows desktop spanning all three. Now, when I run CoolPlayer, I get a crash. If I press the Debug button, I get Microsoft Visual Studio with a popup window saying "Unhandled exception at 0x0040c068 in coolplayer+.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x56206e9b." At first, I suspected that the problem was that CoolPlayer was trying to start at a screen address that no longer existed. I had already fixed that problem for Microsoft Word. When I ran Word, it opened up and I had a taskbar icon for it (Windows XP) but the program's window did not appear on screen. I changed the logical screen layout to move different screens to different monitors and eventually found Word. After moving it to a different monitor, I put the logical screen layout back like it was supposed to be and that fixed that problem. So when CoolPlayer crashed, I tried doing the same thing, with no luck. So I'm stumped. If you can think of any diagnostic information I can collect for you, please send email.
I have further information about this bug. If I remove the coolplayer.ini file before running the program, it doesn't crash. Clearly something in the ini file is causing the crash.

So I experimented with that. If I have most recently run the program on a machine where my USB drive is "F:", and I'm moving to a machine where it's "L:", I can prevent the crash by manually editing coolplayer.ini and changing all occurrences of "F:" to "L:".

I have been in communication with NeoRame on this, and he suggested that I bring this to the attention of Mr. Haller at PortableApps.com. I shall post this bug report there.


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