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"not responding" crash...

Posted by jelomulawin 
"not responding" crash...
July 28, 2008 11:06AM
Hi, I'm just wondering about this error that always happen when I play coolplayer for about 30 minutes...The "not responding" message always occur and hope you can help me with it. I'm not sure whether it is a minor problem within my PC or it is actually a coolplayer bug...
Re: "not responding" crash...
July 31, 2008 11:12PM
1)Well, this time this is what appeared:
The Instruction at "0x00408cba" referenced memory at "0x00e5dcdc". The memory could not be "written".
It occured after 2 hours of playing coolplayer, since Windows startup.
2)216 songs in playlists
3)MP3 format - crashes on different songs
4)Output module - directx (directx 9.0c)
5)Hangs after a song is played, and basically, the next song doesn't play
6)Modified version of windows XP Professional x86 SP3 (MicroXP), 248 MB of RAM
7)coolplayer options unticked - "Read ID3 Tag (If any)"
"Read ID3 Tag of selected"
"Support ID3v2"
"Prefer native OGG tags"
"Load ID3 tags in background"
8)The playlist is saved
9)Shuffle mode at Startup
10)WMP is not installed in my PC
11)I am using coolplayer in the background, eg. surfing or playing games

Sorry, but I'm not really good at technical information, so these are the only details I can give for you now. Hope you can fix this bug. If you need more details, just ask me. Again, thanks for this amazing mp3 player! I can still live with this bug as it is very easy and fast to restart coolplayer^^
Re: "not responding" crash...
July 31, 2008 11:40PM
hi jelomulawin,
i can understand that everyone has a different level of knowledge
of computers and i really appreciate the extra information you have
supplied. the more information, the better.

i notice you say you are running a modified version of XP SP3. this
may not be an issue, but it would help alot if you could try it on
another computer with a standard windows XP install, or standard
windows 2000 for example. i realise it may not be possible for you,
but sometimes the "lite" modifications for windows xp can cause
subtle issues, and this may be one of them.

if it crashes again, could you take several screenshots of the crash
dialog, as it says "module: user32.dll" on there. as an example, the
module may be different in this case.

i'm really pleased that you have came back with this extra information,
thank you. i shall try and look into this when i have time for 220.

if you can reproduce it on another computer, or standard windows xp
and provide the information, it would help even more.

also, in the coolplayer options page, set the output to "wave mapper"
does the crash still happen ?

thanks, and i hope it doesn't crash too much in the mean time. i know
how frustrating it can be.

have a good day
Re: "not responding" crash...
August 05, 2008 01:12PM
Well, I set the output to wave mapper and no crashes happen. It seems that it has problems with directx. At the moment, I cannot try it out on other PC'S, but maybe in 2 weeks time, I could try it out on media center edition. I lost my windows xp cd, so that is the reason why I'm using a lite edition. Thanks!
Re: "not responding" crash...
December 11, 2017 02:43AM
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