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Bug requests for 220

Posted by wisepenguin 
Bug requests for 220
July 26, 2008 02:51PM
hello everyone,
since i joined the project i have released 217, 218 and 219
and stability is a big issue for me. i have tried hard
to increase stability by fixing known issues and making the
backbone more stable.

i dont have much time to work on coolplayer, but it is stable
for my everyday use and never crashes on me. however, this
is where you come in.

if you have any bugs or niggles of the existing features
which you would like fixing for 220 please post them
and i will try my best to fix as many as possible when
i have time, and release 220.

please take note of the following.

1) when posting reports please be as clear as possible, and post
as much information as possible. i MUST be able to reproduce the bug.
please post steps of how to reproduce the bug, and why you think
it is a bug. you can be sure that the more helpful the report is,
the better chance it has of been fixed.

2) if its a niggle you have, please make sure its a fault and not
simply a dislike. for example you may dislike how coolplayer
does something but it is by design and the rest of the users may
be totally happy with it.

examples of niggles could even be almost totally useless things
like a spelling mistake, UI glitch etc

3) please no feature requests. 220 is a bug fixing release.

4) the playlist skin will not be able to be skinned in 220. please
no posts about the playlist skin.

5) crashes will get extra attention, but these will need VERY detailed
posts. crashes can be very hard to diagnose and fix.

6) please try with WaveMapper and DirectSound as the output module to
see if the problem still exists. this information is helpful.

7) an example report could be like follows (for a fake bug)

title: Crashes when pressing stop immediately after loading coolplayer for 1st time.

Windows 2000, SP4
NVIDIA on board audio
CoolPlayer 219
no other sound programs open.
this problem did/did not exist in CoolPlayer X

steps to reproduce
1) download coolplayer from SF
2) extract coolplayer to "my documents"
3) run coolplayer
4) click the stop button
5) crashes - the windows fault dialog appears

the windows fault dialog contains the following information
fault address: 0xblahblah
module: fakemodule.dll


once again, please post as much information as possible.

thanks for your time, and future reports.
have a good day
Re: CoolPlay is still kewl...
January 11, 2016 12:34PM
Well I 1st down loaded it back a bit 2005 or earlier and used it for years, then lost it on a ton of backup CD's... somewhere's
dug it out again... and still love it... it is small sweet and simple... as I found Windows Media player would skip...
if I used it while loading down the laptop w/ tasks; but not CP-217.

So keep up the good work...

What I'm working on is trivial just had to see if there were any updates...

Chris H.
of Central NH
Re: Bug requests for 220
January 11, 2016 01:27PM
Alrighty have just done a playlist utility for myself to work with coolplayer...

but sadly CP-217 and CP-219 (my latest versions) will not accept shortcut arguments pointing to a playlist...
for it to load and play... (other than that it is stable)... always has been for me... going back to CP 214.

that is my observation...

I will have to do a work around...
but I am sure others


Alton, NH


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