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Bug in CPP_OMDS_RefillBuffers()

Posted by cdobson2000 
Bug in CPP_OMDS_RefillBuffers()
July 20, 2008 12:05AM
Quite often, usually after I've left CoolPlayer (219) paused overnight, it bombs in CPP_OMDS_RefillBuffers(). The return value from the Lock call is DSERR_INVALIDPARAM though I don't see any parameters which are obviously bad. I can capture more information for you the next time it happens if you like. I'm running XP SP3.
Re: Bug in CPP_OMDS_RefillBuffers()
July 20, 2008 12:12AM
One more thing. This always happens at the end of a song. That is, I pause a playing song, go away for many hours, come back, un-pause the song, and at the end of the song I get the error. Note that this doesn't always happen, but it's not infrequent either.
Re: Bug in CPP_OMDS_RefillBuffers()
July 20, 2008 03:02PM
thanks for the post.

i think this problem has been around for a long time
and as there is no direct way to reproduce it every time
its hard to identify exactly what the problem is, and how
to fix it.

as a workaround please select wavemapper. i have always used
wavemapper anyway from when i started using coolplayer many years

have a good day

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