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64bit Port from SF & AAC/MP4 Plugin

Posted by Bensode 
Hey there! I have the 64bit port from SF.net and works great. I installed the dll for obtaining AAC/MP4 support into the same folder as the executable but AAC files won't play. It is able to read the tag and grabs the artist, song title etc but pressing the play button or activating the play control does nothing but blink "Play". Is this because the plugin dll is for 32bit and won't work under my 64 bit XP?


Re: 64bit Port from SF & AAC/MP4 Plugin
March 18, 2008 01:06PM
hello bensode,
yes i think you are right. if you are running the 64bit coolplayer
you will need the 64bit AAC plugin.

32bit coolplayer will work fine on 64bit windows, and 32bit AAC
should be compatible too.

have a good day
Well not much luck on XP64 with CoolPlayer and aac/m4a files. I've tried both plugins in the same directory as the executable but all I get are the tags with no audio. I have entirely too many CDs to re-import to MP3 format so I'll just vmware itunes, as retarded as that sounds ... it's my only choice.

Re: 64bit Port from SF & AAC/MP4 Plugin
March 31, 2008 02:07PM
i dont have any aac files or itunes, but are the files protected ?
i think protected files can only be played back in itunes so this
could explain why you get no audio.

i remember a while ago i very briefly tested 3 second samples of
each format with coolplayer, native and plugins and one of them was aac.
i can confirm the aac file played. but i was just curious, i only use WAV files

could you report back if the files are protected ? digital rights management
or something.


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