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ID3v2 TAG bug

Posted by Il Razziatore 
ID3v2 TAG bug
February 04, 2008 04:23AM
Coolplayer ( 215..217 ) read the ID3v1 tag, but don't read the ID3v2.

If you use only ID3v1, it work fine, but if the file have ID3v1 and ID3v2 and the option "Support ID3v2" is active it dosen't work.
The only frames work is TRCK. The Frame TRCK is read form file and show in the playlist editor. The other tag ( Titile, Artist, Album, Year, Genre ) is set to '' ( nothing ).

I must turn off the option ( "Support ID3v2" ) to see the information ( from ID3v1 when present )....
Re: ID3v2 TAG bug
February 04, 2008 08:59AM
thanks, ill try and look into this sometime.

i only have WAVs or OGGs at the moment,
could you clarify for me what happens if

-> load an mp3 file with ID3v2 tags only
-> support ID3v2 is enabled/ticked
Re: ID3v2 TAG bug
February 04, 2008 12:58PM
Okay i try....

I have a lot of MP3s have both ID3v1 and ID3v2. I Try to enable ID3v2 ( Option -> "Supporto ID3v2" ) but when i do this in the Playlist ( and in the main window ) only the Track is set, the other are clear... I mean in the ID3v2 the Tilte is set but Coolplayer don't read that... of course when ID3v2 support is on, the ID3v1 don't work... so if i want to read the title of songs i must turn off ID3v2 suport...

Need more info?
Re: ID3v2 TAG bug
February 04, 2008 03:48PM
it seems coolplayer cannot handle ID3v2 tags which are unicode
Re: ID3v2 TAG bug
February 04, 2008 06:07PM
Yes, my TAGs are in UTF-8...

If you want i can send a dump of one ID3v2 TAG.

for example:

Frame ID: 54 49 54 32
Size : 00 00 00 0F
Flag : 00 00
TAG : 03 48 6F 6C 6C 79 20 45 20 42 65 6E 6A 69 00

The tag is the "TIT2" tag ( title of song ). The tag data is in standard ASCII "Holly E Benji", but is encoded as UTF-8. ( no flag )
Re: ID3v2 TAG bug
February 04, 2008 07:03PM
thanks for all of your information, and file dump.

however, this is not a bug but a design feature/flaw.
the internals of coolplayer and the user interface are
not unicode compatible.

as such, the feature of reading ID3v2 unicode tags will
have to be low priority until the internals are
fully unicode compatible.

doing this will also enable coolplayer to load filenames
with unicode characters in (currently does not load them).
Re: ID3v2 TAG bug
February 04, 2008 08:36PM
You say the "the user interface are not unicode compatible". I know it, for example the skin have only a litle set of char ( 0..9, a..z, A..Z and some special char like @ ) why you don't use a map function like:

void utf8_to_ansi( const char* in_buffer, const char* out_buffer ) {
int i = 0;
int j = 0;
for( ; in_buffer != 0; ) {
if ( in_buffer < 128 ) {
out_buffer = in_buffer[j] : '_';
} else {
out_buffer = '_';
j++; // skip the 2° byte
out_buffer = 0;

in this way the most of text can be displayed, or simly use the ID3v1 tag...

the char '_' what simly stand for "you can't see this char"
Re: ID3v2 TAG bug
February 04, 2008 09:16PM
that certainly is possible, same as using windows functions
for the conversion such as WideCharToMultiByte.

the problem is would it really be acceptable for all users to see a
character meaning "can not display" rather than a blank string meaning
"can not display"

i was thinking of languages which do not use english letters aswell.

i believe it would be better for coolplayer to natively support
unicode rather than convert some of the characters in coolplayers
current state.

your suggestion of falling back on ID3v1 might be implemented,
unless anyone has any objections. thanks.
Re: ID3v2 TAG bug
February 05, 2008 05:47PM
I'm Italian i have some charter not displayed with my system ( for example the char "è", It means "is" ) but i prefer view a 90% of the title ( or more: if the title is "Oggi è una bella giornata" i will be see "Oggi X una bella gironata" it is better the see "", you don't belive? ).

For other user ( russian, japanes ecc ) they don't see anithing with both system so they arent solution.

Of course if coolplayer have a real suport of UTF-8 is better, but... the skin can be realy Unicode compatible? I don't think... in this moment there is 102,012 code points are assigned in the Unicode... you image a image used ad skin with this big charset?
Re: ID3v2 TAG bug
February 05, 2008 07:07PM
i think you have persuaded me smiling smiley
however, it will be a while.

you make a good point about the skin being unicode compatible.
and instead of using workarounds i think it might actually be best
to leave coolplayer in its current state and only fix bugs.
leave the design decisions in.

my music player, which is unreleased at the moment will be
a native user interface and support unicode from the start.
this may be better for you when it is released.
Re: ID3v2 TAG bug
March 18, 2008 12:00AM
Isn't Winamp's skin Unicode compatible? Can't the same be done with CoolPlayer?

By the way, thanks for spending time for fixing Coolplayer's bugs. I still like it the most. Players are now getting bigger and bigger all the time just to do the same task, play audio files/streams.
Just don't make it big and bloated, please.
Re: ID3v2 TAG bug
March 18, 2008 01:09PM
you have my word that it wont be big and bloated - thats why i like it smiling smiley

so please tell me if you think its going in that direction.

my current thoughts now are fix blatent bugs, especially stability
ones, and maybe improve little bits like keyboard shortcuts.

but as for anything major, sadly i think unicode skins will be major,
they will be left for another program.

thanks for your replies and support !

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