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[217] Player don't remember the skin

Posted by Il Razziatore 
Il Razziatore
[217] Player don't remember the skin
February 03, 2008 08:32PM
I upgrade my player from 215 to 217. I delete the old exe and ini. When i start the new player i resume the old settings, the skin too... then i close the player and restart it... and i see the normal skin... the new version don't save ( and load ). When I set the skin it work but the player don't remember it...

I try to add the line ( the old line )


but it don't work... My settings are:

A litle note:

I see there isn't the tick on the menu "Skin"... and when i click on the voice "C:\Programmi\CoolPlayer\Skin\macosxcoolplayer\macosx.ini" the voice add a new line to the ini... so if you click 4 times 4 lines are added to the settings:


But no one works...
Re: [217] Player don't remember the skin
February 03, 2008 09:18PM
thanks for the information - more the better

this has already been reported and will be fixed
in next release when there is time.
Re: [217] Player don't remember the skin
April 09, 2008 06:38PM

I'm not sure what Razz above is referring to as "voice" - but I'm running CoolPlayer on XP SP2 (I'm guessing Razz is on OSX) and it doesn't seem to remember my skin either. I'd thought when I first downloaded the skin that it was remembering it, but then sometimes I'm about as good at remembering things... winking smiley

Is that the known bug...? - Just not remembering skins? I don't have repeated lines of my skin, and I'm using NASA.ini from Dangeruss. (but my ini settings are otherwise the same as listed)

And if this is the known bug... is there a work-around, aside from manually re-loading the skin every time?

Regardless - Thanks for the great player!
Re: [217] Player don't remember the skin
May 30, 2008 07:43PM
Limited Work-around: I made the .ini file a 'read-only' file and that made the player remember the last skin, however, if you want to change skins you need to manually change the .ini file....
Re: [217] Player don't remember the skin
May 31, 2008 07:34PM
hi all,
this is now fixed in 218, and 218 is released.

thanks marty for posting your workaround too.

have a good day all

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