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209: several bugs

Posted by SA 
209: several bugs
February 22, 2003 10:41AM
Thanx for a new v. coming so fast. If you don't mind I'd like to report about some bugs.

1] Some strange problems with the resizing of the columns in playlist.

2] When the last song in the playlist is currently played and I click a few times on NEXT button, text "CoolPlayer" is displayed instead of song title. If I click on PREV button after this, CP crashes.

3] Playing of *.wav files is made rather ... funny (position slider doesn't change during the play; strange clicks at the end of playing that weren't supposed to be there; etc...)

I don't know whether text below is a bug report or features request, though some old builds supported such things:

4] Characters in songtitletext.bmp after the 95th are not used by CP. Use of these symbols was very useful for localized song titles (for example, Russian 8)

5] Remember playlist & remember last played don't work together. IMHO it isn't comfortable to manually choose the last played song from the huge playlist when reopening CP

Nevertheless, CP remains the COOLEST !!!

P.S. sorry for my bad English 8)
Re: 209: several bugs
February 24, 2003 12:00PM
Fixed 2 and 5 in the upcomming 210 build.

That WAV file - What format is it??
Re: 209: several bugs
February 28, 2003 11:55AM
Not an unusual one - PCM 22050 Hz; 16 bit; Stereo. Length is 3,54 sec. It is called LOGOFF.WAV. (If you have Win98SE installed you should have it in \WINDOWS\MEDIA folder. Also these bugs apply for many WAVs located in this folder: DING.WAV, NOTIFY.WAV and so on) It doesn't depend on Cooler Wave mapper or DirectSound plugout. I tried to use WinAmp's in_wave.dll, though nothing changed. (WinAmp, as well as sndrec32, plays it fine)...

Playlist bug - it still exists in build 210. It shows up when: a) horizontal length of playlist is more than total horizontal length of all columns, b) scroll bar at the bottom of the playlist is at the rightest position. At the beginning of the column's resize, everything is alright, but at some moment columns start to move very fast and leave strange traces.

At last - bug with the volume setting to 100% at the start of every song. It was written that it's fixed, but it's here 8) (only with Volume controls set to Internal volume)
Re: 209: several bugs
February 28, 2003 01:14PM
BTW, in build 208 there was no volume bug (at least for me 8)...

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