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Who can give me 215 source code compiled successful?

Posted by linanbiao 
Dear all,

I have downloaded 215 source code but can compile successful, who can give me the source code that compiled successful??Thanks.
how are you trying to compile it? and why don't you just use precompiled binary?
I opened the "coolplayer.dsw", then rebuild all. It will turn up error that just like "CPI_Player_CoDec_OGG.c(28) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'ogg/ogg.h': No such file or directory" ,and so on. Could you give me some suggest? Beause I want to do some develop work, thanks.
there shouldn't be any issues compiling at all if you're using Visual Studio. i don't have any experience with anything except Visual Studio, so if you're using something else, i probably can't help you.

if the error you're getting says that it can't find ogg/ogg.h, then you may need to check and make sure that the include paths for the headers are correct

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