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Two small complaints

Posted by J. Pence 
Two small complaints
September 15, 2002 06:05AM
Winamp was deleted the second I ran this program. Very good job. Love this program so much I advertise it often. winking smiley But I do got two complaints that are keeping me from calling this the "perfect" audio file player....

First off, I'm on a P400, 98mb ram, Win98SE, DirectX 8...

(1) The volume control don't work. I slide it up, I slide it down, I write my own skin to make sure it was included right, nothing. Been using the windows volume control for the past month now. Fix this and I will be very happy.

(2) Not so much a bug but a suggestion. I have all my MP3s loaded in the default playlist with them shuffled. The problem is that when Coolplayer opens it looks at all the ID3 tags on all the mp3s and thus takes ages to load. Since most people don't edit thier playlist often, would it be possible to change it so that it loads the ID3 tags only when you open the playlist window? The scrolling name could be changed to the file name, every MP3 I've seen was named "artist - song.mp3" or the like so the filename could be used. (Sans extention, of course.) This would make CP load hella fast and since you advertise it as a "Blazing Fast Audio Player for Win32 Environments" you may as well make it look fast...

Again, very good job on this program. I'm an extremely picky little bitch and you got me to replace Winamp. That says a lot.

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