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Shuffle doesnt work?

Posted by rjerina 
Shuffle doesnt work?
July 06, 2002 01:21PM
Is it me or does Shuffle not even work? I turn on the feature, click the next song button, it goes to the next one on the list. I even tried to let the song go all the way til it changes itself, still goes to the next song on the playlist. Am I missing something?
Re: Shuffle doesnt work?
July 07, 2002 06:49AM
Shuffle shuffles the playlist
Re: Shuffle doesnt work?
July 13, 2002 04:42AM
Regardless, I'd prefer if Shuffle and Random stayed distinct modes. Sometimes, I'd like to keep my playlist in order while having the songs played randomly.
Re: Shuffle doesnt work?
July 30, 2002 05:22PM
I agree with Chairman85, I think that it'd be better if you hit Shuffle in the Playlist Editor, then it would shuffle; but, if you do Random on the player, then it would just randomly play different songs, not shuffle the whole playlist.
Re: Shuffle doesnt work?
July 30, 2002 09:14PM
I'll second that. I like to keep my songs in order but some times I like to have them played in a random order.
Re: Shuffle doesnt work?
August 02, 2002 02:41AM
Well if you read one of the developers post, he says in version 208 they are planning to implement a better system. Just give it some time ;-)

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